Barbershop Chronicles (Kieton’s Review)

Words by Kieton Saunders-Browne Describing the Barbershop Chronicles would be like trying to describe an emotion. Sometimes there aren’t really words to describe it. From the second you walk into the show there is an automatic feel of immersion. The cast are bringing people on stage, genuinely interacting with them with what seemed to be just the actors having a good time before the show … Continue reading Barbershop Chronicles (Kieton’s Review)

The Barbershop Chronicles (Shay’s Review)

Words by Shay Awoyemi When I first heard about ‘Barbershop Chronicles’, I was both excited to see something I can relate to well being represented on stage, but doubtful that a stage production could capture the subtle happenings of a barbershop. I didn’t think that the stage was the right place for such a work as this to be displayed. However, Inua Ellams has crafted … Continue reading The Barbershop Chronicles (Shay’s Review)