An Adventure: A Critical Essay by Pamela Vera

Vinay Patel’s An Adventure chronicles the love story of Jyoti and Rasik through the decades,across continents, cultures and notably the Partition of India and fall of the British Empire. Patel’s omission of a British perspective from the play is powerful, ensuring that play is effective in giving a raw and uncensored view of the financial, psychological and emotional impacts of British colonisation and imperialism. An … Continue reading An Adventure: A Critical Essay by Pamela Vera

An Adventure of a lifetime

An Adventure at the Bush Theatre by Bellaray Bertrand-Webb ‘What is home?’ Is a question asked by Raski towards the end of An Adventure, a question which epitomises the main theme of the play. An Adventure is a quest to find home, identity and place, shown in the, romantic, geographical and professional relationships of our two protagonists. Across 3 time spans: 1954, 1978 and 2018, … Continue reading An Adventure of a lifetime