An Adventure of a lifetime

An Adventure at the Bush Theatre by Bellaray Bertrand-Webb ‘What is home?’ Is a question asked by Raski towards the end of An Adventure, a question which epitomises the main theme of the play. An Adventure is a quest to find home, identity and place, shown in the, romantic, geographical and professional relationships of our two protagonists. Across 3 time spans: 1954, 1978 and 2018, … Continue reading An Adventure of a lifetime

When They Go Low – National Theatre Connections

By Rose Griffiths The first word that comes to mind when I think of Youth Theatre? Inspiring. Attending ‘When They Go Low’ at the Dorfman Theatre certainly solidified this view. The play, written by Natalie Mitchell and performed by CAPA College Wakefield, forms part of the 2018 National Theatre Connections Festival. Mitchell believes that the play tackles a serious subject: misogyny. The everyday place that … Continue reading When They Go Low – National Theatre Connections

‘On the Margins, but make it Sexy’

Words by Daniella Harrison The life of the unconventional is irrevocably sexy. It’s somewhat cool and fashionable to be unconventional in today’s economy: private school students spend Daddy’s money on clothes which evoke ‘chav culture’, and TV shows such as American Horror Story glamorise and fetishize circus performers and Asylum patients via the horror genre. Living life ‘on the margins’ is deemed as something to … Continue reading ‘On the Margins, but make it Sexy’