£¥€$ (LIES) – Almeida Theatre

By Ben Ayaydin

£¥€$ (LIES) is like no other play I have been to.

From the world-renowned Belgian theatre company Ontroerend Goed, £¥€$ (LIES) ‘invites you to join the super-rich. The 1%. You will call the shots. You will be the centre of the economy. You will have the power.’

£¥€$ (LIES) is incredibly immersive and at many times exciting. It is very interesting to see as the play progresses how your decisions and morals evolve as you increasingly gain a taste for the wealth and power you are exposed to. Will you stay conservative and cautious or will you play the high stakes game, taking larger risks for the prospect of a larger gain?

The play starts with simple mechanics such as material investments, however as the play progresses new mechanics are introduced such as mergers and bonds which often lead to higher stake investments.

Around the table you are placed with other members of the audience, most of whom you have probably never met. However, as the performance proceeds we all came to know each other well, often discussing financial strategies amongst one another. Also, you interact with the other tables in the theatre, bringing another element to your strategy.

The actors who play the ‘croupiers’ are great and really add a personal flavour to the whole experience, they are responsible for your experience from start to finish and are a key factor in what makes £¥€$ (LIES) such an immersive experience. You feel completely at ease, so much so that there were many times where I forgot that this was just a play, becoming lost in the immersive environment.

Despite the 2 hour running time, by the end of the show I was longing for more. However, the play’s message is even more thought provoking since you have experienced and witnessed it first hand. I feel like I have learnt something about finance and banking whether that be through government bonds or low to high risk investments (well I understand the concepts at least).

£¥€$ (LIES) is a play I highly recommend. As soon as the performance was over I was on a phone call to my parents, begging them to book tickets before the show sells out. I can guarantee that this is a performance like no other you have experienced and is the most fun I have had at a play to date.

I cannot speak more highly of £¥€$ (LIES);  it is a performance you simply must experience for yourself.

£¥€$ (LIES) is directed by Alexander Devriendt and is on at the Almeida Theatre from the 1st of August till the 18th of August.


Photo Credit: Almeida Theatre

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